Tan sols – XTVL

  • Documentary series , 2007, 5/11 x 11′
    Camera and edition: Joan Tisminetzky
    Production company: Xarxa de Televisions Locals
    Shot in Catalunya
    SD and super8


    “Tan sols, a piece of work that explores the loneliness in front and behind the camera, is a more challenging proposal. The protagonists of the different episodes (of which there are 11) are people who work in solitude, such as a peasant whose only companions are nature and his working tools, or an artist immersed in the making of their individual work. To round it off, the director of each of these documentaries, also working on their own, share the same feelings. An interesting approach to the fact of being alone, far from any form of commercial or public work.”

    Belén Ginart. El País, 8/05/2008